Let the Festivities Begin!

Tomorrow at 11:59pm Iron Man will make its first official showing on the big screen. This kicks off the beginning of the summer blockbuster movie season! The season that has me so incredibly excited! There will be Iron Man, Get Smart, The Incredible Hulk, and a wide assortment of other Geek movies (as well as some pretty awesome non-geek movies) that I will have the opportunity to see.

Because of this, and to add a bit of officialism to the blog, I've added a couple new features. In a couple of days you'll be able to find the blog as a podcast in the iTunes store. This means that for those of you who hate to read I will be reading my reviews for you and you can listen to them on your computer or on your iPod. Also, reviews are going to take on more of an organized structure. There will be sections on why the movie is a geek movie, what it's about and if it's worth it. There will also be a section that I believe is crucial to movie enjoyment. There are a lot of people who go into a movie expecting one thing, but then believe that it sucks merely because it gives them something entirely different, when, in fact, the entirely different thing was actually quite good! (See Cloverfield.) Because of this phenomenon, I'm adding to my reviews a section on how to appreciate the movie I'm reviewing. Hopefully this will get more people into the movie that wouldn't normally go to see it.

So far this year has been great and it isn't even summer yet! I'm sure Iron Man, as the opening movie to the summer, will not disappoint. Save your stubs!


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Blogging for me today is my sister, Jenni, who happened to see Expelled, Ben Stein's documentary on Creationism, before I did. Expelled is a geek movie because the debate between Creationism vs. Evolution tends to get very intellectual and usually only attracts those who are devoted to one or the other subject. Such devotion is worthy of geekdom. So, without further adieu, here's Jenni:

"Then you have the creationists who say God put all the animals on the ark and that's where all the animals came from," said one of the many scientists interviewed in Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Funny. I always thought that God created the animals long before the events surrounding the Ark. Apparently, this scientist seems to think otherwise. But I digress.

Steve said it right. There are debates everywhere about Creation vs. Evolution. The strange thing is, throughout the movie Stein consistently preferred the term "Intelligent Design." This being a documentary, it follows Ben Stein on his journey to discover why renowned scientists are being asked to resign or outrightly kicked out of their positions or closely scrutinized at the first mere mention of Intelligent Design (ID), as if the debate were a proverbial Berlin Wall. "You have academic freedom, as long as your ideas are on the right side of the wall." According to the Internet Movie Database, Expelled took on the explanation of how "under a new anti-religious dogmatism, scientists and educators are not allowed to even think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator."

The first scientist introduced was the one Stein said started his whole journey of discovery. This scientist, who worked for the Smithsonian Institute, published an article mentioning ID, and, like the Thought Police of Orwell's 1984, his superiors were all over him, asking him questions about his religious beliefs, his personal agenda, and so on. It seemed like just seeing the words "intelligent" and "design" automatically put in their heads the words "religious" and "terrorist," which is how said scientist said he was described.

It is no secret that Ben Stein is a Jew. What really clinched the whole plot line in was when he, through his interviews, discovered the connection between Darwinism (Evolution) and Nazism. One of the scientists said to him that, although Mein Kampf and The Origin of Species were written in different countries, "when you open up Mein Kampf, you automatically see some of the same ideas."

I won't spoil all of the arguments for you, but suffice it to say, Ben Stein poses many important questions that scientists are many times not allowed to ask. But, since science is about academic freedom, shouldn't they be allowed to follow the evidence wherever it leads?

Thanks, Steve. I hope you get to see the movie soon.


For Those Who Care About Steve

I'm making a new blog that covers my personal life and thoughts. It just feels weird posting those kinds of things on a blog which has essentially become a movie blog specifically for Kerusso Productions. If you care more about my life than movie reviews, I suggest keeping up with the Daily Steve as I will be posting all that kind of stuff there and leaving this blog for movie/Kerusso stuff.



The Setting:

The Blood Elves have thus far used the Horde as a means to an end. In their quest to follow their leader, Kael'Thas, to the Outlands, and betrayed by the humans of the Alliance, they have allied themselves with their closest neighbors, the Forsaken, to traverse the perilous way to the Dark Portal.

But now Kael'Thas Sunstrider has betrayed them by allying with the Burning Legion. Their paladins' source of light has been stolen and the Sunwell rebuilt to bring to Azeroth none other than Kil'Jaeden, ruler of the Burning Legion. Seeking retribution, the Sin'Dorai turn to the Horde to be officially recognized once and for all as part of the congregated nations.

Representative Mae'Than of the Sin'Dorai approaches the counsel lead by Cairn Bloodhoof and makes his case for why the Blood Elves should be officially accepted into the Horde.

[Download here]

This was to show off my voice-acting talent and my story-telling talent. The Blood Elves may already be official Hordies, but this is how the counsel went in my mind.