The House Bunny: Geek Girls Gone Wild

Why It's a Geek Movie
Because The House Bunny features every geek's fantasy.  No, not the Playboy Bunny.  The hot geek girl.

What's it About?
Shelley, a Playboy Bunny, is lead to believe that the Hef doesn't want her around the mansion anymore because she's too old (27).  Lost and homeless, she stumbles upon the girls of the ZETA house sorority and becomes their house mother.  These are the unpopular geek girls who need 30 pledges in order to keep their house.  The only way they can get these pledges is if Shelley can teach them how to be awesome.

How to Appreciate It
This movie is one of those heart-warming comedies at which you just have to smile.  A sensitive cynic would come out of this movie puking, but, really, it's all just good fun, good morals and hot chicks.  This is the time to leave your grumpies at the door and just enjoy!

Is it Worth It?
As you may already have guessed, the moral of the story is learning to be yourself and not judge others based on superficial qualifications.  It's probably one of the cheesiest things to come out of Happy Madison Productions... which is saying a lot... but there are plenty of things at which to laugh.  It's refreshing to see good comedy coming from an all-female cast.  Girls cast in movies now-a-days tend to be... well... girly.  They're more serious or sexy, or if they're trying to be funny they're ditzy, but the girls of ZETA house pull off a wide range of comedy that make them seem more real - more like actual girls that you may see every day.

The House Bunny is a light comedy with a gooey caramel center.  Enjoy one today!

Death Race and the definition of Sci-Fi

I went into the new movie Death Race because it was billed as a sci-fi movie and, as such, would qualify it for a geek movie review.  Unfortunately, what I found when I watched it (as I expected from the previews) was that it was missing a quintessential part of sci-fi... the "sci" part.

I don't mean to split hairs here, really I don't, but it's just that... it's in the freaking name!  Just because something is set in the future does not make it science fiction.  Death Race is set in the 2020's where corporations run the prisons.  There's nothing scientific about it.  All the technology they use can be used today, there are no androids, no space ships, no Mars colonies, not even any deep-sea civilizations.  There is absolutely nothing that defies known science while explaining it scientifically.

See, that's what sci-fi is about.  Just like fiction defies reality, but explains it realistically, sci-fi defies science while being explained scientifically.  Then there's the whole realm of fantasy which defies both reality and science and doesn't bother to explain it at all.  But that's another rant.

This rant is about sci-fi and how people like the producers of Death Race seem to think that they can get away with labeling their movie sci-fi just because it's set in the future.  And the near future, at that!  I would be happy if it was several centuries off and they were racing space ships, but, no - it's just a normal race with armor-plated cars fit with powerful machine guns and missiles.  ::shrug:: That's it.  Not even a hover-car.  Just normal, rubber-meets-the-road cars!

The movie itself wasn't all bad, if action is something you're into.  As a matter of fact, the action was brilliant.  Kept me on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire movie.  Jason Statham was good for the part, except for the part where he's lived in America for nearly twenty years and still retains a perfect British accent...  The story held up pretty well.  The only complaint I have there is that there really wasn't much of a surprise until the end where it kind of felt like the writers thought to themselves "Oh, hey... remember those surprises that work so great in those other movies?  I think maybe we should throw some in here."  So there's my review - give it three stars and move along.  But since it wasn't sci-fi it wasn't really a geek movie.  That was the only thing it was holding on to.  Everything else is just your average action/thriller.

I just have one request for the doofuses who claim that these types of movies are sci-fi: don't.  Just don't.  No, really, don't.  It's fiction and nothing more.  Science isn't remotely a part of the equation.  There is no equation.  Just don't.


Stuff for the Dumbmasses

I'm here watching the previews for Death Race. I don't have high expectations for the movie but it's billed as sci-fi so I have to watch it. It looks like something that will appeal to the dumbmasses... As opposed to ThinkGeek's smartmasses. Giggle.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Geek Requirements:
Sci-fi, nostalgia, animation, technology, magic.

What's it About?
Two men and a baby.  Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are charged, among all that is going on in the galactic civil war, to rescue a slimy little Hutt baby.  Right - Jabba's son.  They are joined by a padawan, Ahsoka Tano, a youngling straight out of... whatever school it is younglings go to, who is assigned to learn under Anakin.  Definitely not his coolest apprentice.

How to Appreciate It
Um...  You pretty much have to be a kid at heart.  I'm not gonna lie; this movie is pretty much geared toward a younger audience.  And not even like Shrek where it has stuff that adults can appreciate.  It's just juvenile all around.

Is it Worth It?
To say that seeing any incarnation of Star Wars is not worth it would be a lie.  The series has been engrained into the culture like a brand on cattle.  Not being caught up with all that is canon about Star Wars is grounds to revoke your geek license.  And in this instance, this is probably the best reason you're going to have to see Clone Wars.

I wasn't kidding when I said it was juvenile.  On-the-nose dialog, slapstick humor, wacky cartoon voices.  There's no Jar-Jar, but the battle droids pretty much took his place.  The only good thing about that is that you can constantly kill battle droids without getting on the bad side of a Jedi.  I knew I was headed for trouble when I saw that they decided to forgo the iconic scrolling text at the beginning in favor of AN ANNOYING ANNOUNCER VOICE THAT SOUNDS MORE IN PLACE IN ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE!  ::cough::  Excuse me...

But seriously!  How did that even make it past the editing room??

The action sequences could only partly make up for that HUGE blunder.  To compare this animated feature to the rest of the series, I would put it equal if not slightly below Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  The story was fair enough, you can never go wrong with the development of Star Wars characters, and the action in itself was flawless... it's just the subtle, annoying "humor" bits, the crap dialog and the frakkin ANNOUNCER VOICE that screwed this whole thing up for me.

Watch this on your TV so you can fast forward through the first minute or so.  Maybe if you do that your experience will be better than mine.

The best part of the night was this:


Back From The Tropic

I just finished watching Tropic Thunder. Clearly not technically qualified as a "geek" movie, but still frakkin' hillarious!! I may consider actually fully reviewing it dispite its non-geekness. What The Dark Knight did for superhero movies, Tropic Thunder did for comedy!

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All New!

Thinking about doing a new format here with a checklist of geek requirements, but all photoshoppy and cool-looking. If you wanna help out just let me know. Also I'm going to do more posts about general geek culture besides just movies. Should be fun. Stay tuned!

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The Mummy III?

Why It's a Geek Movie
Wait a minute... is it a geek movie? Sure it's got mummies... and it's pretty out there with the imagination factor... But when it comes right down to it, is this a movie that geeks will appreciate?

The whole Mummy series of movies is, at its heart, an action series. The whole mummy concept is just an excuse to get Brendon Frasier to run around a lot and shoot lots of bullets. To be fair, he does that pretty well. But in each movie they sacrifice character development for action and lame attempts at comedy.

I'm gonna say this one is kind of a geek movie. Because there's magic and mummies and yeti. But in the long run, this is probably a movie that mostly the rest of the general public will enjoy more than the geeks.

So, since it's not fully a geek movie I won't do a full review of it. But suffice it to say, I'd recommend seeing it if you like seeing Brendon Frasier run around a lot and shoot a lot of bullets.