What does "Cracked the Story" mean?

So, uh...

Indiana Jones 5...

That's happening...

When interviewed for Transformers 2, Shia said that Steven Spielberg has "cracked the story" on Indiana Jones 5.

So... it's gonna end up even more cracked than Indiana Jones 4?  Is that what we're talking about?

In case you're wondering, I tried to find the most awkward picture of Shia LaBeouf to represent this story.  I do hope I've succeeded.  I mean, he's pretty awkward to begin with.  Have you seen the Transformers 2 trailer?

"Hey, beautiful!  I made you a long-distance relationship kid!  I gotchu a web cam so we can chat 24-7."

I liked him better when he was nervous and nerdy.  Now he's nerdy and douche-baggy.  And I think it's Meghan Fox's fault.