What things may come

If any of you follow this blog regularly you will have noticed a distinct lack of posting in the past few days. This is do mostly in part to my lack of Internet connectivity and the fact that posting from my phone is far from ideal. Fear not, loyal fans! Big things are still afoot at the Asterisk! I'm not one to ruin any surprises, as I'm sure you know from my spoiler-free reviews, but the Green Asterisk is about to get very comical!

Aside from all that excitement, I will be moving into a new apartment on Friday at which time I will aquire for myself a brand spanking new Internet connection and regular posting will resume including reviews and other geek news. Thanks to everyone who keeps reading, and tell your friends!



Ok, now that I'm not drunk on NyQuil and can go for longer than 12 seconds without coughing, it behooves me to review the movie I saw two days ago. You forgive me for being a little late.


AT&T FINALLY giving a solid date on iPhone MMS

September 25. Which is odd, because that's not the end of summer, that's the beginning of autumn, if you want to get technical (summer officially ends September 22nd). Not that I'm really surprised that at&t couldn't live up to an ambiguous and mildly cryptic time-frame, but really... it's about time. We should have had MMS and tethering from the start of the 3.0 Firmware. Oh well, at least the wait is... almost over.

Who is the best Star Wars character?

I've added a poll on the left hand side of the blog asking what the best Star Wars character is. For simplicity's sake I've restricted it to only those characters from the movies and then only those with significant roles. Place your vote and when the poll is over I'll blog about each one of them in their favored order!

Stargate Universe trailer in theaters

The makers of Stargate Universe have decided to grace moviegoers with a big-screen showing of the trailer they first showed at Comic-Con. In theaters nationwide, they are showing the following awesomeness:


Enterprise returns to space dock

Star Trek, the best movie of the summer is returning to IMAX screens starting this Friday! If you have a friend who hasn't seen the best scifi epic of the decade, now is the chance for you to expose him to the most glorious rendition of Roddenberry's vision ever conceived! Also, it's the perfect date movie. Srsly. Kirk is hot.

Cowboys and Aliens

The team that brought you Iron Man is coming back together for something completely different. Jon Favereau and Robert Downey Jr. are set to take on the comic-book based movie, Cowboys and Aliens. When I tell you I haven't read the comic book before, you will understand how little that really means. The only important comic book I've read is Watchmen. But the title alone is enough to get my geek blood running! Let's discuss - anyone who knows about this comic book wanna pitch in their two cents worth?