Stargate Universe: Water

I will never understand military types that try to shoot into living clouds. What do they think a bullet is going to do against a being with less mass than steam? In yesterday's episode of Stargate Universe, "Water," the Destiny is running dangerously short on water. It drops out of FTL in a system with one planet in rage. The ice planet that Eli refers to as Hoth... from Empire Strikes Back?... The second Star Wars movie! Ok, I refuse to call it Episode Five. In this episode the crew seems to really be starting to live with each other. There's a whole lot less panicking. Well... except when a cloud-alien steals all the water and Scott gets stuck on Hoth.


The Popular Social Networking Site, Bookface

New features have been added to the site including the ability to make comments using your Facebook or Twitter profile. The advantage of this being 1) it's stupid-easy to show everyone who you are 2) you can broadcast your comment and that on which you are commenting to the world via these mediums. As a matter of fact, the new comment system in itself is waaaayyyy better than the original. What with the reply threading and whatnot. Anyway... talk all you want! I personally love opinions. Especially when people give them.

Thursday Night Lineup

FlashForward, The Office and Community. One of these things is not like the others. Yesterday FlashFoward brought another LOST cast member into the story in "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps," Michael fell into a "Koi Pond," and Batman visited "Introduction to Statistics." All of these take place around Halloween. Only one of them really hangs on to that theme. One of them is passable while the other two are hilarious. Tired of guessing which one is which? I'll get into it after the jump. (I said it! OMG I said "after the jump!")


Monday Night's Line-Up

The usual suspects: Heroes, House and Castle. The episodes: "Strange Attractors," "Brave Heart," and "Vampire Weekend," respectively. Monday night's lineup is probably one of the best in TV. This is why I love it. But I don't love it enough to buy basic cable. Which is why I watch Monday's programing on Hulu on Tuesday. Welcome to another entry of The Day After.


Is Stargate Universe LOST... in space?

With Syfy's attempt at rebranding, it would be no surprise if they looked toward some of the most popular TV shows of this era as inspiration for their new lineup. Of course, one of the best things they did before they changed their name was Battlestar Galactica. This is a clear inspiration for the darker turn that Stargate has taken, but I wonder how much they've drawn from another popular TV show: LOST.


Stargate Universe: Light

I'll just go ahead and spoil this because it needs to be known in order to understand this episode. In the last episode, the Destiny was sent flying into a star. The best character moments are given in the last hours before looming death. This is true for every story and Stargate Universe does this with a sci-fi flare that really brings out the superior acting abilities of these characters. SGU is just getting better and better and this episode shines a whole new Light on the series.

Sanctuary: Eulogy

If you didn't see last week's episode, then Eulogy will completely spoil the surprise. But while they do a nice job of wrapping up that story line with a pretty bow... the bow is just begging to be untied. While Magnus is dealing with a terrible loss, the rest of the team gets busy bringing in a large cache of new abnormals. And, of course... one of them escapes.

Where the Wild Things Are

When I was a child, I thought like a child and spoke like a child. Now that I've grown I've done away with childish things. But now here I am, a grown man talking about what life was like as a child. There's more than just a sense of nostalgia in Where the Wild Things Are. If you loved the book as a kid, then you will appreciate where director Spike Jonez has gone with this big screen adaptation. But more than that, you will admire the respect he gives to the whole idea and experience of being a child.


FlashForward: Gimme Some Truth

FlashForward, also known as "OMG LOST IS ENDING WHAT DO WE DO!?", enters into its fifth episode shuffling around pretty much the same as the first four episodes. The blackouts which happened world-wide are still being investigated by the FBI. No surprise - I expect that will be going on for the entire season. What's interesting in this episode is that for some weird, stupid political reasons (and pretty much any political reason is stupid) they're being investigated for the unorthodox investigative techniques they're employing in their Mosaic... investigation... /cough... investigate. Also, there's China. So they're still shuffling around... but in Gimme Some Truth, it seems to be getting a bit more interesting.


House: Instant Karma

It is so interesting to see Gregory House in a position where he's not technically in charge. In Instant Karma, House is still waiting to get his license back. Foreman is still in charge, 13 and Taub are still gone and Cameron and Chase have come back to their previous positions in House's diagnostics department. The stage being set, how does House actually work as merely a consult?

Heroes: Tabula Rasa

The return of Sylar! Ok, technically, he returned in the last episode, but here's where we really start to get a sense of what's in store for him. A lot of people seem to be turning away from Heroes, but this episode steps it up a bit. Last we knew, Sylar was risen from Nathan's grave and the police were trying to get him to remember who he was. Obviously, they didn't know how to help him at all, but Samuel Sullivan, ring leader of the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, is able to take him in and help him in ways that non-powered people never could. Sylar gets back on the path of rediscovering himself in Tabula Rasa.

Stargate Universe: Darkness

I usually try to do TV episode reviews the day after they air since that's when they become available to me on Hulu. This weekend was especially busy for me, so you'll forgive me for being a little late, but in this edition of The Day After, we'll take a look at SGU's newest episode: Darkness.


Hackers is pretty much the computer-geek movie to see. If you're into computers and consider yourself at all a part of the geek culture, people will pretty much laugh at you if you haven't seen Hackers. I know. They did it to me. So as part of my "At First Sight" project where I watch a bunch of movies from the past that I should have seen when they came out, I added this movie to my NetFlix queue. Aside from the "state-of-the-art" technology being hilariously antiquated, the story itself was good enough, although it didn't end as well as I'd hoped.


Sexism on SGU

I just wanted to respond to an article on io9 saying that SGU has a problem with sexism. First of all, it's been clear from the start that this is not an episodic series, rather it's a continuous storyline. So complaining about character development after only the third episode (second, technically) is like complaining that your 2-year-old doesn't have a job. Secondly, in the build-up to the premeire, all I ever heard about was the female characters. The only interesting characters for me were the female ones and Eli, and this continues to be the case with the exception if Rush also catching my attention.


Clerks II

Wow. Clerks II was so much better than the first one. But at the same time, having seen Clerks I, I have a much greater appreciation for Clerks II.



Walking into Surrogates I had low hopes. I had not heard many good things about it, nor had I heard extremely bad things. As it turned out, the movie lived up to my expectations. It was pretty good, but ultimately forgettable.

Stargate Universe: Air

It's finally out! The Stargate we've all be waiting for! Stargate Universe has met and exceeded expectations. There's so much to talk about, it's difficult to know where to begin, which is probably exactly the predicament the writers found themselves in when they crafted a beautifully woven non-linear storyline.


Watching Clerks was like watching a stage play. It had only three or four sets, two main actors who deliver admittedly clever, but painfully scripted dialog, and and a plot carrying just one virtue: it's accessible. I'll give this to Clerks: it's quotable. The dialog, however stale it was coming from the mouths of the moving props, was still funny and clever. But everything else about the movie just didn't work for me. I saw no good reason for it to be in black and white. The movie would have been just as good (or bad) in color.