Sherlock Holmes

There have been mixed feelings about Sherlock Holmes (2009) since the trailer showed it as an action film filled with explosions, hammers and shock sticks. On the one hand, this was our beloved character from Baker Street who was far more interested in intellectual pursuits than the cinematic stylings of Michael Bay. But I was hooked from the moment I saw who was playing the Great Detective: Robert Downey Jr. Not just because I have publicly admitted to having a man-crush on him, but because he has the perfect type of sharp, dead-pan wit to match up with British sensibilities. Although he plays it more boisterous and American in Iron Man, I saw the potential. I knew he would be the Holmes I've always wanted to see. And I was right. Robert Downey Jr. plays a Sherlock Holmes that is not only brilliant, but hilarious and completely British


If Superman Was Invented Today, Would Clark Kent Be a Blogger?

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We've been seeing newspaper sales decline rapidly in the past decade mostly due to their failure to keep up with the Internet. All the most important news is reported instantly over the information superhighway before Jimmy Olsen can yell "STOP THE PRESSES!" This leads to an interesting question about the Man of Steel. With all the modernization of yesterday's superheroes, Peter Parker's genetically altered spider as opposed to radioactive, Wayne Industry's even higher-tech weapons systems, Tony Stark's... everything... neither of these men's jobs have seen such a dramatic downturn in recent days as mild-mannered newspaper reporter, Clark Kent. What does this mean for the man who, according to popular TV, has been growing up in Smallville for the past decade as opposed to in the 30's? There's no question that Clark taking a job at the Daily Planet in 2009 is a terrible career move. But what else can he do? Would he start a blog?



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There are those who have criticized Avatar from the beginning saying it looked cheesy and fake. I was not one of those people. When they remade King Kong I learned a valuable lesson. Trailers (especially early teasers) almost never use fully rendered graphics. And when you're making a movie like Avatar which is almost fully reliant on the realism of these effects, there is no way you can count on a trailer to give you a full representation of the movie. When the latest, four-minute trailer came out, people were less critical. The real story started coming through and people were ready to give it a chance. They still made fun of it, but I stuck to my guns. I was certain it was going to be great. And then people were finally invited to press screenings. And I was vindicated. The critics (most of them, anyway) loved it. And after finally having seen it myself, I have to say it was well worth the wait.


Hot Tub Time Machine

This is definitely going to be one of the best comedies mankind has ever produced on God's green earth. Which is actually more blue than green... Kind of  a... greenish blue... regardless...


Google... Verses... Apple... FIGHT!

So, the real Google Phone, the Nexus One, has been announced and will be released January 15th. Good for Google. A little late, but good for them. Here's the thing about all of this: I've been a big fan of Google since way before I was a fan of Apple. I mean, I liked Apple, but I wasn't really that much into them until around the time they came out with the iPod with video which was quite a while after Gmail launched. When I heard about the iPhone running Google Maps I let my imaginative mind wander into a happy world filled with Apple hardware and Google software. Steve Jobs would make the awesome, hard-working and beautiful phones that would run smooth, interactive, internet-based Google applications. And then I heard about Android. And my dreams were dashed. MOM AND DAD, DON'T YOU LOVE EACH OTHER ANYMORE!? DON'T GET A DIVORCE! DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO CHOOSE!!


Giving the Gift of Movies, TV and Awesome Stuff

Christmas gifts.
We talk about a lot of stuff at The Green Asterisk. Movies, TV shows, video games, all the stuff that you love. The problem is that it's tough to keep up with all this stuff and try to keep the bills paid at the same time. Well, just in time for Christmas (or whatever other politically correct holiday who's true themes you choose to ignore) we've opened The Astristore. Powered by Amazon, you can visit this site to check off your gift list and support your favorite blog at the same time. We've got the latest and best of Amazon's Video-on-Demand, DVDs, and Video Games for all consoles. If you were considering giving any of these things as a gift to a friend or loved one, why not buy it through our store and keep The Green Asterisk running? The link to the Astristore is available earlier in this post as well as on the left sidebar. Thanks for supporting the Green Asterisk!

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Fall of the Lich King

So, it figures as soon as I go to work I get some Twitter messages saying how awesome the "Fall of the Lich King" World of Warcraft 3.3 patch trailer is. I tried to look it up on the YouTube iPhone app, but I guess so many people were watching it that it wouldn't load for me. I had to wait until I got home to actually see it and even then I couldn't blog about it because I had to go to sleep early. Now that I've actually had a chance to focus on it, I can say this: AWESOME! Ya know what? ...I really wish I had the money to reactivate my WoW account :(

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Falling Back in Love With Google

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Well, technically I never fell OUT of love with Google. I've been using Google for pretty much everything ever since they revealed Gmail. I jumped at the chance to use Chrome when it came out. I loved it then, and have been using it ever since, with infrequent spats of Firefox and/or Safari. My marriage with Google, however, had become stale and emotionless. I was with Google every day and it seemed like I was beginning to ignore it. Which is good in a sense... if it's just there and I don't have to pay attention to it, then it's doing its job well.

But now I have a new reason to fall madly in love with Google. And it's all thanks to Chrome Extensions.


Time Transcendent Gadgets

What if we developed the ability not to send objects back in time, but to send signals back in time? Whenever I'm at home I always keep my iPhone connected to its dock for the duration of my stay. This has the unfortunate side effect of having to manually sync it before I leave so I can get all my updated podcasts. Sometimes I don't have time to do that because I've procrastinated or I've forgotten about it and now I have to leave really quickly. What if some time in the future we developed the ability to send a signal from the point in time I disconnect my iPhone back to the point in time when it's appropriate to start syncing so that it finishes just in time for me to disconnect?