136 Character Reviews

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There are some things that just don't deserve the time it takes to write a review. And there are some times where I just don't have the time to write a full review. It's mostly the case that I don't have the time. In either case, it's really just easier to tweet about the movie and then be done. So that's what I'm going to do. When I see something, I'll share my opinions on the Green Asterisk twitter account and they will magically appear HERE the 136 Character Review page. Which is as much of a review as is possible on Twitter given a three-character hash tag (#tr for Twitter Review) and a space preceding it. If you're really interested in a particular review, you can add your comments, ask your questions and call me an idiot in the comment section below the page and I will be sure to answer every query posed there.


Alice in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)Image by Brian Sibley via Flickr
I'm terribly late, I know... naughty. Last Friday Tim Burton showed us what he thinks Wonderland looks like. It looks fantastic! Unfortunately, it suffers from a bit of the same problems Avatar has. It's a wonderfully beautiful fantastical world, with just an ok story. I do hope this isn't becoming a trend. To be clear from the start: this is not the same Alice in Wonderland that we read as a kid or saw vibrantly displayed as a Disney cartoon. Burton's Alice is a sort of sequel to that story. That's kind of a minor spoiler, but I think it's important enough to know going into the movie. You're not going to see the same thing you saw then. What we see crafted here is a completely new story wherein Alice must find the strength to be herself and make her own decisions. It's basically the same old Tim Burton storyline: "Forget what the establishment says, be creative, break out of the mundane and be your own gothic, eccentric self."