Lost By the Numbers

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If you still don't get Lost, if you were disappointed by the series finale because there weren't enough answers, if you find time travel and magic lights to be annoying and purposely misleading and confusing... then you didn't get the entire series. But there is hope for you yet! All the answers you need are found in a detailed study... OF THE NUMBERS!

4 8 15 16 23 42

Forget the Spoiler button. This entire post is going to be chalk full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen Lost, just turn back now.


Iron Man 2

I honestly don't understand the reviews I've seen that dis on Iron Man 2. I'll give them that it doesn't exceed the first one, but it definitely doesn't disappoint, either! If Ultimate Avengers was a TV series, Iron Man 2 would be a perfect second episode to that series. Or maybe third if you count the most recent Incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, people don't like to sit at their TV and watch the same episode for two hours for some reason. Regardless, Tony Stark is back! In Iron Man 2 we dig deeper into the person and being of the CEO of Stark Industries and we find that he's perhaps not the most heroic persona around. He's narcissistic, prone to drunkenness, headstrong, slave to his libido and totally awesome.

Here's the reason I believe people have problems with this movie, though: They're not taking it as a piece of an incomplete puzzle. To the unbelievers, they want to see a single movie contained in itself, and that's just not what Marvel does. There are many things set up in this movie that do not get completely resolved... and that's ok! Like it or not, you'll have to wait. Remember the Art of the Slow Burn? Yeah, if you don't like it, learn to!