Game On!

The cast of The Guild at the 2009 Streamy awardsImage via Wikipedia
Three years ago, Felicia Day set off to make a web series based on one of my favorite games, World of Warcraft. Ok, so, not completely based on World of Warcraft. More based on the players who play World of Warcraft. In any case, if you don't know what I'm talking about by now, you're missing out. Felicia Day created The Guild three years ago and today they released a new music video called Game On! This video heralds the return of the Guild in season four of their hit web series. Click the link to see this hilarious Bollywood parody on the Guild's official website or watch it embedded after the jump


Zerg Rush

4/365 - Starcraft II BetaImage by Loimere via Flickr
Tonight at midnight, Starcraft II becomes available to the public. Tonight at midnight, video game stores will encounter their own Zerg rush.

One of the most anticipated games. Ever. And it's very interesting to me exactly why that is. I was never really good at RTS games. I guess it's really just too much for my brain to process at the same time. I get the theory of it all, but my brain just won't go that fast. But what I really wonder is how this release will affect the career of professional gamer Norman Valentine, aka Ace.


Revenge of the Nerds: Westboro's Just Desserts

Who has more time on their hands than the Westboro Baptist Church's protesters who drew up dozens of signs and spent the day standing in front of the San Diego Comic Con? Nerds. Who drew up dozens of signs and spent the day standing in front of Westboro Baptist Church in front of the San Diego Comic Con... while dressed in cosplay.

Infamous for their protest of military funerals of homosexual soldiers holding signs that say "GOD HATES FAGS," the WBC decided that geeks have too much fun and marched on over to San Diego to tell us all that we're worshiping superheroes and reading more comic books than the Bible while making the pilgrimage to our own personal Mecca, the SDCC. They had no idea what they were in for.



File this under things I didn't see coming: an Angelina Jolie action film that was actually really awesome!

We've seen her before in films like Tomb Raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Movies that were fun and exciting, but never rose to any level of greatness. We've also seen her in Changling and A Mighty Heart - movies that proved to the world that she's more than a pretty, butt-kicking face. In Salt, She got to put on both her action and drama hats and put them both to good use.

There's not too much I can say about the plot of Salt without giving away spoilers, but I can say this: Salt is accused of being a Russian spy, and when she escapes from a CIA facility to find her husband, the hunt is on to try and find out who Salt really is. (Thus the poster's tag-line: "Who is Salt?" Clever, huh?)

An Awfully Big Adventure

Peter Pan, the original literary masterpiece by James M Barrie, not the Disney Cartoon, had a few deeper themes in it than you may remember coming from the Mouse's animation studios. One of the things that made it so great is its boldness to take on the theme of mortality in what would be considered a children's story. A movie that doesn't shy away from this was made in 2003 and its poster is depicted right over there -->

When confronted by Captain Hook, it looks like Peter Pan is about to lose. The villainous Hook threatens him with death, and Peter answers with a grin "To die would be an awfully big adventure!"

It's true! To say nothing of biological death, it is an awfully big adventure when your computer dies.


This Makes My Brain Light Up

The San Diego Comic Con is now in full effect... and I'm not there. But there are a lot of people tweeting and blogging from the front lines. And what they see is full of awesome. The picture you see before you is the first ever look at Abin Sur from the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Pfft. He's all muscle.

I could take 'im.

Other news includes the Tron: Legacy footage being awesome, the Megamind panel being hilarious, the Scott Pilgrim panel being both and a WoW Cataclysm beta key to be handed out...



Last night I ran AVG antivirus scanner to clear away some of the clutter on my hard drive. Today I'm running Linux off of a CD because Windows won't boot. Apparently, AVG thought winlogon.exe was a Trojan and, as such, needed to be DELETED. What it doesn't know is that I need that file to start Windows. And now, here I am without my original Windows installation CD, with a Ubuntu Live CD running Firefox and looking through my harddrives so I can recover what I need, and a Windows recovery ISO that I could probably burn to a CD if I was able run Ubuntu without the CD drive. It's all very complicated. Here's the basic gist: I need help. I have an ISO to burn. I can't access my CD burner. I need someone else to burn it for me.


Over the Rainbow

When Dorothy gazed toward the muddy brown skies of Kansas and expressed a deep sadness about having to stick around in this dump for her entire life, she sang a song invoking the rainbow as a sort of destination; a place where everything was right, new, exciting and colorful. I think it's everyone's dream at one point or another to one day escape from the every day and make it in a brand new world.

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly. If they fly over the rainbow, why can't I? Well, the answer is clear. They have wings.

I'm over the rainbow. Done with it. Finished. The rainbow never did me any good.

New Look; New Outlook

I'm not gonna lie: it's been a long few weeks. Seems like an awful lot of work just to get back to square one. But it feels good! The new version of Blogger has been out for a while and I've wanted to mess around with it, but never felt like I wanted anything to change. Well, now I do. I have a whole new outlook on what I'm going for here, and that brings with it a costume change.