Three Things My Mage Tells Me

Maenethil on the throne of Lordaeron.
Allow me to introduce to you my level 81 Blood Elf Mage, Maenethil. Maenethil has survived the great Cataclysm, defeated the Old God, Yogg'Saron, learned more Azerothian history than most will ever know exists, and looks hotter in a dress than any British comedian. He calls the floating city of Dalaran his home and, under the tutelage of the Kirin Tor, has spent the last few months focusing on his studies before venturing out into the Maelstrom. Smart, sexy, powerful, Maenethil is the whole package; the "real" deal. Anyone would be wise to follow his instruction. And there are three things he especially loves to get across to anyone who will listen...