Star Trek: Asterisk "Balance of Terror"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E14
Air Date: December 15, 1966
Written by: Paul Schneider
Directed by: Vincent McEveety

Kirk finds himself on the hunt for Red October a Romulan Commander with the ability to cloak his ship and the cunning to say hidden.

It's important to note before we get into this story, that the Federation has never made visual contact with Romulans. But, there was, apparently, according to Spock, a struggle with the Romulans a decade or two before the events of Star Trek: Enterprise. Some of the first warp ships to travel into the stars from Earth met up with Romulans and fought them for a while with nuclear weaponry probably left over from World War III. The problem was that these ships didn't have the ability to tap into other ships' visual sensors, so they had no idea what Romulans actually looked like. And if Star Trek: Enterprise had used any of this crap that I just made up, instead of the retconned nonsense of what actually happened, it would have been a much better show.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Conscience of the King"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E13
Air Date: December 8, 1966
Written by: Barry Trivers
Directed by: Gerd Osward

Anton Karidian, the leader of an acting troupe, is accused of being Kodos the Executioner. And it doesn't help that people start turning up dead.

According to Star Trek, there are three things that are timeless: Mark Twain, Shakespeare and The Beasty Boys. And Anton Karidian just wants to fight for his right to party. But Thomas Leighton will have no part in that. He's convinced that the leader of the Karidian Acting Troupe is actually Kodos the Executioner, who, as governor of Tarsus IV, executed half of the planet's population due to a food shortage. And that's pretty much half of the episode right there.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - The Terror of the King's Menagerie"

Well, I got distracted down on the holodeck yesterday, but as promised (even if delayed), it's a podcast!

Listen to Steve expertly analyze (as I blather on and spout nonsense) this week's The Original Series episodes "The Menagerie, Part 2," "The Conscience of the King," and "Balance of Terror." We've replicated the soundwaves and you can find them here.

Don't forget - more reviews are coming your way in the next couple of days, but "The Menagerie, Part 2" is up now. And be sure to join us next Thursday at 6PM Eastern for our LIVE show! Until then, keep your sensors locked here, and be sure to have an open channel to #StarTrekAsterisk on Twitter.

EDIT: After talking with the Captain (and after he did some research for his written reviews), he determined that some of the false speculation we had about the Romulan/Human War while watching "Balance of Terror" was actually covered in Star Trek: Enterprise, so... Our bad. However, Steve fixed this in his written review. So go read it, already!

Star Trek: Asterisk "The Menagerie part 2"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E12
Air Date: November 24, 1966
Written by: Gene Roddenberry
Directed by: Marc Daniels

The crew finishes up watching "The Cage" and then decides whether or not to allow Captain Pike to live on Talos IV.

When we last left Kirk and friends, they were holding a court martial proceedings for Spock who had deliberately disobeyed General Order 7 and put Enterprise on a course for Talos IV after apparently kidnapping Captain Christopher Pike. At the start of the episode, Kirk recaps part 1 and reveals that the images they were viewing on the screen for Spock's defense had been transmitted from Talos IV, which is, in itself, a court martial offense. Now Spock has put not only himself, but Kirk in danger of the death penalty.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - The Terror of the King's Menagerie"

While the Captain is taking a break down on the holodeck, I thought I'd go ahead and do something productive. Like posting this week's live Star Trek: Asterisk episode!

This week, Steve and I continued our dive into The Original Series with "The Menagerie, Part 2," "The Conscience of the King," and "Balance of Terror." Fill your ear holes with all the insanity by finding it here.

Later today, I'll toss the Aftermath your way. Plus, don't forget to be on the lookout for Steve's written reviews over the next couple of days. Have fun, you crazy kids!


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Menagerie part 1"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E11
Air Date: Novemeber 17, 1966
Written by: Gene Roddenberry
Directed by: Marc Daniels

Spock invites Captain Pike over and leaves Kirk behind on Starbase 11. But then Kirk crashes the party and they all watch "The Cage" together.

When Kirk arrives at Starbase 11, he tells Commodore Mendez that Spock as received a message from Captain Pike, who you might remember from "The Cage", the unaired pilot. Except he's not as much the young, strapping specimen of a human being anymore. Mendez swears that it's impossible for him to have sent a message because he'd been severely crippled in the line of duty. The only thing he's able to do anymore is control a light with his brain.

Star Trek: Asterisk "The Corbomite Maneuver"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E10
Air Date: November 10, 1966
Written by: Jerry Sohl
Directed by: Joseph Sargent

The Enterprise goes where no human has gone before and finds herself tested by the First Federation in a game of poker.

While Spock is in command on the bridge, Kirk is in sickbay getting a physical done. As they have literally gone beyond the point that anyone in the Federation has reached before, Spock starts to make some star charts. Suddenly, Sulu announces that they have made contact with an object traveling toward them at light speed. Clearly in danger of crashing, they try evasive maneuvers and deflectors, but nothing works. The object slows down... and then comes into view. It's a Giant Rubik's Cube of Doom.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - Dagger of the Corbomite Menagerie"

*walks in and looks around* Oh, look! There's a podcast here!

So, sorry about this week's podcast being late this week, kids. I was lost in space. Or near the Space Needle, whichever. But now that I'm back from my big fat vacation, IT'S PODCAST TIME! This week, the Captain and I take a look back at some very classic episodes from The Original Series: "Dagger of the Mind," "The Corbomite Maneuver," and "The Menagerie, Part 1." Now go get it!

Since I slacked this week, Steve already has his review of "Dagger of the Mind" posted, so stay tuned for the other two forthcoming. And in a mere 3 days, we have our triumphant return to the live broadcast! Keep it tuned here, and be sure to join us on Thursday at 6PM EST. Now go - you have a podcast to listen to!

Star Trek: Asterisk "Dagger of the Mind"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E09
Air Date: November 3, 1966
Written by: S. Bar-David
Directed by: Vincent McEveety

After sending some supplies to a penal colony, an escaped patient warns Kirk of a deadly mach- wait, holdon... there's a hot doctor on my screen...

It starts off as a routine mission to bring supplies to Tantalus Penal Colony, but when Dr. Simon Van Gelder gets on board by hiding inside of a box, concern starts to be raised about the treatment of prisoners sent to this place. It is, perhaps, important to note that Bones raises the first concern, noting, before Van Gelder even gets on board, that "a box is a box" and, basically, all prisons are medieval torture chambers. Kirk argues that most prisons are more like resorts now-a-days. So, in the future, we don't punish criminals, we feed them shrimp cocktails and reserve pool-side seats for them.


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Star Trek: Asterisk "Miri"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E08
Air Date: October 27, 1966
Written by: Adrian Spies
Directed by: Vincent McEveety

Upon finding a backup copy of Earth, the crew of the Enterprise race to find the cure to a disease that killed off anyone over puberty.

It wouldn't be the first time the Enterprise has come across an "old style" Earth-like radio distress call, but it would be the first time it came from a planet that was exactly like Earth in every possible way... except that it's been abandoned. When the away team beams down, they find that it's exactly like Earth in the 1960's that has been abandoned for 300 years. And the only mystery we get to solve today is why it has been abandoned.


Star Trek: Asterisk "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E07
Air Date: October 20, 1966
Written by: Robert Bloch
Directed by: James Goldstone

Former fiancĂ© to Nurse Chapel and professional mad scientist, Dr. Roger Korby, wants to make an entire race of sexy androids, but not if Kirk has anything to do with it.

In this episode we find out that Nurse Chapel only joined the Enterprise so that she could one day look for her long-lost fiancĂ©, Dr. Korby. Apparently Enterprise's five year mission is actually to reignite old flames. But just like Bones in "The Man Trap," she'll find that her former lover is not exactly what she remembers.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Mudd's Women"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E06
Air Date: October 13, 1966
Written by: Stephen Kandel
Directed by: Harvey Hart

Intergalactic space pimp, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, hitches a ride on the Enterprise to sell his "cargo" at a nearby mining facility.

It starts with the Enterprise doing what they do best: saving a ship from certain doom. In the process, however, they damage their own dilithium crystals. They use the transporter to beam up a fat dude with a gaudy earring and he immediately instructs them to beam aboard his women, Ruth Bonaventure, Eve McHuron and Magda Kovacs. They aren't his crew, they aren't his passengers... they are his cargo.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - What Is Mudd's Little Miri Made Of?"

I left on a jet plane, and I don't know when I'll be back again...

Alright, fine, I'll be back on the 20th, but until then, have a listen to this week's Aftermath! Steve and I give our thoughts about this week's The Original Series episodes, "Mudd's Women", "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", and "Miri". Grab the delicious ear candy right here.

Don't miss me too much while I'm gone, you guys. Besides, you'll have Steve's AWESOME reviews coming later this week, so keep it tuned right here!


Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - What is Mudd's Little Miri Made Of?"

Live from Tampa International Airport, it's Friday evening!

That's right, kids. I'm literally about to get on a plane to jet off to Seattle - the magical land of rain, Starbucks, and Microsoft. But before I leave, I want to make sure you guys have something to keep you occupied. This week, the Captain and I watched our next set of episodes from The Original Series: "Mudd's Women", "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", and "Miri". It was definitely ladies' night last night. Looking for the audio goodness? Well, it's right here, of course.

Also, be sure to stay tuned later when I post the Aftermath, in which Steve and I build a plotline with our BARE HANDS. Have fun!

Site Updates

Usually I only do a site update post if there have been MAJOR changes, but in the past few weeks I've made a whole lot of little changes that probably warrant mentioning.

First of all, if you haven't checked out the countdown clocks at the bottom of the page which have been there for ages, please do. You'll find the very handy countdown to the end of the world as well as the deadline for hoverboards.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Enemy Within"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E05
Air Date: October 6, 1966
Written by: Richard Matheson
Directed by: Leo Penn

A transporter malfunction splits Kirk into two separate versions of himself: a pansy and a constipated, angsty overractor.

See, usually it's the redshirt that's getting into trouble, but this time it's the redshirt who causes trouble. Fisher took a tumble down on Alfa 177 and got covered in a strange magnetic ore, so that when they beamed him up to sickbay he screwed up the inner workings of the transporter. Well, then they had to pack things up and leave before night came and it became 130 degrees below zero on the planet's surface. Kirk takes it upon himself to go up first... but the transport takes a little longer than normal.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Naked Time"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E04
Air Date: September 29, 1966
Written by: John D. F. Black
Directed by: Marc Daniels

A crazy space disease makes the crew act like they're attending a house party hosted by John Belushi. Which is inconvenient considering their precarious position over a gravitationally unstable planet.

The planet Psi 2000 used to be just as awesome as Earth, but lately it has found itself to be disintegrating. A Federation science team was sent to study the gravitational effects of this disintegration, but when the Enterprise comes to check on them, they are found dead. So what can explain this turn of events? And how did they end up in such strange positions as showering with their clothes on? And is it the gravitational instability that makes random blood splotches drip sideways? And why would any Starfleet officer take off his glove in the middle of such an investigation!?


Star Trek: Asterisk "Charlie X"

Vital Information
Series: The Original Series
Episode: S01E02
Air Date: September 15, 1966
Written by: D. C. Fontana
Directed by: Lawrence Dobkin

What's worse than a teenager? A teenager with superpowers. Worse still: a teenager with superpowers and absolutely no social skills.

The U.S.S. Antares is a cargo vessel transport ship science-probe vessel survey ship weirdly shaped Federation starship that was on its way through space after exploring Thasus. A ship had crashed on this planet several years ago and the sole survivor is a seventeen-year-old kid by the name of Charles Evans. They picked the kid up and it is now the job of the U.S.S. Enterprise to take him to civilization while the Antares gets back to work.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Weekly Aftermath - The Enemy Within Charlie X's Naked Time"

Button, button... Who's got the button?

Ah-HA! There it is. *pushes button* The Captain and I have just finished up this week's Aftermath session and we wanted to share it with you! For all your listening pleasure, have a podcast. Guaranteed that you'll like it, or your money back.

And don't forget to keep it tuned here to TheGreenAsterisk.com (or on Twitter - @GreenAsterisk) for Steve's written reviews coming later this week. Plus, be sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes or Zune (available wherever music software is sold).

Star Trek: Asterisk "Officer's Lounge - The Enemy Within Charlie X's Naked Time"

How about a nice game of chess?

No? Then how about a really AWESOME week of Star Trek: Asterisk instead?! Because that's what we've got for you today! This week, we continue our "trek" (see what I did there?) into The Original Series with three new episodes: "Charlie X," "The Naked Time," and "The Enemy Within." Take a listen as I've finally kicked the weird congestive crud I've had for the last couple of weeks, and Steve continues to somehow manage to deal with my shenanigans as they accelerate back into warp speed! You'll be able to find all the delicious audio goodness here.

Also, stay tuned later this weekend for another round of the Weekly Aftermath, and enjoy!