Star Trek: Asterisk "The Hunted"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E11
Air Date: January 8, 1990
Written by: Robin Bernheim
Directed by: Cliff Bole

A super soldier escapes from prison on an idyllic world and reveals it to be not so idyllic after all.

So Riker and Picard are taking a tour of Angosia III lead by the Prime Minister Zephram Cochrane Nayrok. When they get to the end of it, some aid or something pulls Nayrok aside to whisper in his ear, giving Riker and Picard a chance to talk about the Angosians who Riker finds to be stuffy, but otherwise good candidates for entry into the Federation. Meanwhile, the aid has told Nayrok that there's been a prison break. And Nayrok subtly asks for the Enterprise to take care of it. Should be easy right? Yeah, right up until Data reports that the prisoner has eluded them. "Eluded the Enterprise?" Picard asks incredulously... aaaaand cut to commercial.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Defector"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E10
Air Date: January 1, 1990
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Robert Scheerer

Picard considers taking the word of a Romulan. Which is always a good idea.

It starts with Data in a play. He's playing the part of Henry V in the Bard's tale of the same name on the holodeck while Picard watches. Data gives a great performance and Picard praises him before the holodeck character based on his likeness kills him. Data freezes the program and then is given the opportunity to ask why a king would want to mingle with the commoners instead of lead. Picard explains that taking the temperature of morale is part of the job. Riker then interrupts them to say that some Romulans are on their way through the Neutral Zone. So screw Shakespeare.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Hunted Defector on the High Ground"

Welcome to another edition of the Star Trek: Asterisk podcast. Today I'll be reviewing "The Defector," "The Hunted," and "The High Ground," so I hope you're ready to hear me rave about excellence. I don't even know what that means. I just decided it would sound good. Really, I'm just stalling to take up space so everything in this post evens out well.

While you're at TheGreenAsterisk.com, check out all the other cool stuff and don't forget to join us again in two weeks to hear me review the next three episodes. (Q will be there. Don't miss it.) I do believe that's all I have to say, so have a good day. Down by the bay. While your horse snacks on hay. I think I just may.

Star Trek: Asterisk "The Hunted Defector on the High Ground" Officer's Lounge

On this episode of the Star Trek: Asterisk Officer's Lounge, we run into a myriad of technical difficulties while I try a new setup in my room. It all ends up working out, however, and the episodes get watched and those episodes are "The Defector," "The Hunted," and "The High Ground". A great smattering of Star Trek goodness today.

While you're at it, check out the rest of TheGreenAsterisk.com and read reviews and other blog posts that are floating around here. I'm sure you'll find everything to your liking.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Vengeance Factor"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E09
Air Date: November 20, 1989
Written by: Sam Rolfe
Directed by: Timothy Bond

The Enterprise hosts negotiations for the end of pirate raids by the Gatherers. Riker finds another woman to destroy.

The episode starts off with Worf, Riker, Crusher and Data wandering around a broken-down, decrepit area that appears to have been raided and pillaged.  Worf notes that the reactor was missing, so clearly there were space pirates. Crusher finds a jagged metal edge with blood on it that wasn't human and then Data opens a jammed door to find some unconscious scientists behind it. So they take all this stuff back and Crusher discovers that the blood is Acamarian, which suggests the raiders were Gatherers, which are members of that race that split off after a war on that planet. Apparently they got tired of just taking small things from people's houses.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Price"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E08
Air Date: November 3, 1989
Written by: Hannah Louise Shearer
Directed by: Robert Scheerer

A gifted negotiator brought in to bid for the rights to a stable wormhole ends up shagging Deanna Troi.

So Troi has clearly had a rough day, but just when she thinks she's about to sit down and relax while reading a ton of her mother's email, she's called to 10-Forward to witness the Barzan Wormhole coming into view. The Enterprise was called to host an auction for the rights to control the wormhole owned by Bhavani of Barzan II. The bidders include Seth "Captain Mustache" Mendoza, negotiating on behalf of the Federation; Leyor for the Caldonians; and Devinoni Ral, a human representing the Chrysalians. Ral also happens to be a yuppie and Troi, as it turns out, is really into that.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Enemy"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E07
Air Date: November 6, 1989
Written by: David Kemper & Michael Piller
Directed by: David Carson

Geordi gets stuck on a planet with nothing but a Romulan to help him.

Riker, Worf and Geordi beam down to the surface of a really stormy planet to check out some Romulan activity on it since it's beyond the Neutral Zone. The storms screw with electrical equipment, so they need a device to lock onto their position to beam up, and they couldn't bring Data because he would just break down. So they take a look around and see a crashed Romulan shuttle that was purposely exploded after the crash. A while after, Worf finds a Romulan on the verge of death. Then Geordi falls into a hole, but they have to get the Romulan back to the ship, so Worf and Riker beam back up with the Romulan hoping they can get Geordi while on the ship. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Star Trek: Asterisk "The Price of the Enemy's Vengeance"

And here we are once more to talk about three more episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today I'll explore the plots of "The Enemy," "The Price," and "The Vengeance Factor." And might I just say, thank you to all you loyal listeners. It means a lot to me to know that this isn't just going out into the ether, but that people are really listening. It's almost as if my cries for attention are actually being answered, as opposed to the Ferengi in "The Price." They just get stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

Hailing frequencies are open at 513-ASTRISK. Call and ask me your questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything. In the meantime, check out everything we've got on the site and maybe our YouTube page. There's something for everyone. Enjoy.

Star Trek: Asterisk "The Price of the Enemy's Vengeance" Officer's Lounge

Welcome back to the Star Trek: Asterisk Officer's Lounge. Today, for your listening pleasure, we will be listening along with the Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 episodes, "The Enemy," "The Price," and "The Vengeance Factor." If you're like me, you get a kick out of seeing yuppies fail, Romulans make nice, and pirates... just pirates. So you're definitely going to enjoy these three episodes. But watch out... they do stumble around in a few places.

But you don't have to take my word for it!

Thanks for stopping by, and make yourself comfortable. The new Green Asterisk page is a wonder to behold. I'm sure you'll enjoy clicking every button.


Star Trek into Darkness trailer

Star Trek: Asterisk "Booby Trap"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E06
Air Date: October 30, 1989
Written by: Ron Roman and Michael Piller & Richard Danus
Directed by: Gabrielle Beaumont

The Enterprise gets stuck in a situation that only Geordi La Forge's skills as a lady charmer can get it out of. Good luck with that.

This episode opens with Geordi taking a woman on a date in the holodeck, but my suspicion is that she didn't know it was a date. Because as soon as things start to get the slightest bit intimate, she squirrels away and says Geordi just isn't her type. It's sad, yes, but then Wesley spots him strolling into 10-Forward alone and then it really tugs on your heartstrings because if Wesley thinks your date has gone wrong, then it must really have gone wrong. He asks Guinan's advice about women look for in a man and she says she looks at the man's head. Not because of his mind, but because she's attracted to baldies because a bald man took care of her once. Geordi says taking care of a woman is all he wants to do. It's probably not gonna happen on the holodeck... or is it?


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Bonding"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E05
Air Date: October 23, 1989
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe

Worf tries to bond with a kid whose mother died in his away team. And then the mother comes back?!

The first image we see of Lt. Marla Aster is of her lying on the floor dead after beaming back from an away mission. The planet was supposed to be uninhabited, but Worf and his team found... something. Something dangerous. But that's not important right now, because Lt. Marla Aster had a son. So, who's gonna go tell the son? Picard and Troi take it upon themselves to assure him that on the starship Enterprise, one is never alone. And in the meantime, Wesley thinks about the death of his father. Wesley Crusher now has something in common with Jeremy Aster. But, wait... he already had something in common with Jeremy Aster... Jeremy's father was already dead and now Jeremy is an orphan whereas Wesley has his mom. Does that seem right to you?


Star Trek: Asterisk "Who Watches the Watchers"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E04
Air Date: October 16, 1989
Written by: Richard Manning & Hans Beimler
Directed by: Robert Wiemer

An anthropological outpost violates the Prime Directive by accident, and then Crusher violates it on purpose, and the Picard violates it in order to prove he's not a god.

Mintaka III is home to a proto-Vulcan humanoid race going through their own Bronze Age. As such, an anthropological outpost was established to study them from behind a holographic "duck blind." But, as happens from time to time, their power was about to run out, so Enterprise to the rescue. But before the Enterprise can get there, the power completely fades and the duck blind disappears. This just happens to occur at the same moment that Liko and Oji are wandering around nearby and spot the flashes of light. Liko sneaks up to the outpost while the Enterprise crew are helping out, watches a beam-out in progress and then touches an electrified wall and passes out. So much for the Prime Directive.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Who Bonds the Trap"

Welcome back to Star Trek: Asterisk. Today I'm going to talk about "Who Watches the Watchers," "The Bonding," and "Booby Trap." Three excellent episodes from season three of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Nit-picky point of order: at one point during the "Booby Trap" review I make a reference to the "season finale," but I actually meant "series finale." I didn't catch that until listening to it again. And I know nerds will be confused/mad if I don't correct myself, so... there it is.

Remember to join me every Friday at 6pm EST for more awesome Star Trek stuff, and check out my YouTube channel while you're at it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Star Trek: Asterisk "Who Bonds the Trap" Officer's Lounge

In this episode of the Officer's Lounge, I'll riff through the episodes "Who Watches the Watchers," "The Bonding," and "Booby Trap" from season three of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Listen as the tales are told of a proto-Vulcan humanoid race, the death of a boy's mother, and Counselor Troi's uniform... wait, no, I mean, a trap in space. Right.

Seriously, though, we've got some good episodes this week. Season three is really coming along nicely. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is the season where Star Trek: The Next Generation became great. Keep your podcast catcher tuned to this station for more awesome Star Trek stuff!


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Survivors"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E03
Air Date: October 9, 1989
Written by: Michael Wagner
Directed by: Les Landau

The Enterprise finds a couple of survivors from a human colony that was destroyed by raiders... or are they?!

Following another distress signal, the Enterprise comes upon Delta Rana IV where there is supposed to be a huge human settlement, but when they get there, they find every acre of land has been obliterated. Well... not every acre. A small patch of green land with a house on it appears on sensors amid a world full of devastation. So they send an away team to check it out and immediately Riker ends up upside down in a homemade trap with a rifle pointed in his direction in the hands of Kevin Uxbridge. Looks like it's time for the house tour.


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Ensigns of Command"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E02
Air Date: October 2, 1989
Written by: Melinda M Snodgrass
Directed by: Cliff Bole

Data tries to convince a human colony to move before some aliens come in and destroy them.

This episode opens with Data showing off his musical skills by participating in a string quartet as the violinist. Picard and Beverly go to 10-Forward to watch, but he recommends they attend the next show where someone else will play the violin part because he has been told that his playing has no "soul." Thus, the writer slaps on the table the idea of whether or not androids can be creative. However, right in the middle of Data's concert, Picard is called to the bridge. The Sheliak have contacted the Federation after 111 years of silence. The reason? They found humans on a world they wish to colonize. Now it's going to take someone really creative to get those humans to move before the Sheliak calls pest control.


Star Trek: Asterisk "Evolution"

Vital Information
Series: The Next Generation
Episode: S03E01
Air Date: September 25, 1989
Written by: Michael Piller and Michael Wagner
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe

Ensign Wesley Crusher, Boy Genius, accidentally releases systems crippling nanites into the ship while Dr. Stubbs is trying to probe a star geyser.

So, Dr. Paul Stubbs wants to study the decay of neutronium expelled at relativistic speeds from a massive stellar explosion in a binary star system in the Kavis Alpha sector and apparently he needs a ride on the Enterprise to do that. That's all well and good, but they can't get there without a Crusher at the helm, so Riker wakes up Wesley who rushes to the bridge and meets Dr. Stubbs for the first time. Stubbs says Picard can launch the probe, which he calls The Egg, and everything seems to be going well until the Enterprise suddenly shakes like a maraca and throws Dr. Stubbs to the other end of the bridge. When it finally stabilizes, Picard asks the computer what went wrong and the computer says "Watchu talkin' 'bout, Picard?"


Star Trek: Asterisk "The Evolution of Surviving Ensigns"

Star Trek: Asterisk returns yet again with season three of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Listen to me as I ramble on for an hour about "Evolution," "The Ensigns of Command," and "The Survivors." I'll also explain why season three is where The Next Generation really comes together to be the show we know and love. Also, if you listen really closely, you can hear my cat, Rowsodwer, scratching at the window screen.

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Star Trek: Asterisk "The Evolution of Surviving Ensigns" Officer's Lounge

It's that time again! Welcome back to Star Trek: Asterisk. Starting this week, the podcast will be in a slightly different format. If you watch live you'll be watching the episode right along with me instead of staring at my face. (If for some reason you still want to see my face, then follow me on Instagram.) The podcast Officer's Lounge will still be pretty much the same since there is no video, except I won't stop in between episodes. I'll just let Netflix do what it does and count down to the next episode. I think that's all for now.

This week we're starting season three of Star Trek: The Next Generation with the episodes "Evolution," "The Ensigns of Command," and "The Survivors." Welcome back the good doctor, Beverly Crusher, right here:

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