The Day After the Doctor

You know how after a fangirl sees something awesome in her fandom she'll often squeal, wave her arms frantically, and rattle off various incoherent syllables from thoughts that are moving more quickly than her brain can process into speech? This post is basically my attempt to capture those thoughts, slow them down and turn them into text. They may not have a coherent structure, but they just have to be shared!

Located after the cut is a multitude of Doctor Who spoilers, so if you haven't watched "The Day of the Doctor" yet, first of all, how dare you? Second of all, skip this article. You will regret reading it. Go watch Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special and then come back to this. Also, feel free to tell me all of your feels and theories regarding this special and Doctor Who in general in the comments! I need to feed my brain with more Doctor Who!