How to Add an Extra Hour to Your Day

If you're a busy, successful entrepreneur like me, you can often find that you're catching up on things right up to the last minute of the day before you pass out from exhaustion. If only there was another hour to the day, you could possibly get that last email answered, that final deal made, that closing chapter written. Well, it's not impossible! With a little investment in setup, you, too, can experience the pleasures and leisure of time dilation. And you won't even have to fly around the world powered by the rays of our yellow sun Superman-style to do it. (Although solar power is something highly advocated by this blog and I recommend that anyone interested in such a power generation alternative go look it up, but that's completely irrelevant to this particular article.)


How to Be In Two Places at Once

We've all been there, right? Too many items on our plate, hitting the ground running at 6am and there still aren't enough hours in the day. If only we could be in two places at once, we could get a whole lot more done. Well, according to Completely Unsubstantiated Science it's totally possible! You, too, could be sitting down at your office desk and driving the kids to school at the same time using quantum mechanics. Harnessing this natural law is easy if you follow these steps, but be forewarned: cat lovers need not proceed.


How to Find a Mate on Mars

It's difficult enough to find a mate here on Earth. There are dozens of websites devoted to it, there are people who go to bars to do it, there are experts upon experts who give some sound advice on how to do it, and the divorce rate is still over 50% (I think; I mean, I haven't actually checked. What do you think this is? An actual informational article where I do "research"?). Anyway, if you feel like you've exhausted all of your options on Earth, there are several benefits to expanding your search to extra-planetary avenues. I know what you're thinking: "But, Steve! There's no life on Mars!" Well, that's what the government wants you to believe. And they're right. There is no life on Mars. But there are bevvies of alien beauties under Mars! And here's how you get them:


How to Live Without Breathing

Breathing is something so natural and so vital that most humans start doing it without any kind of prompting directly after birth. It's not something you learn, but it is something you can learn to improve. It's not good or bad in itself, but becomes either one depending on what you inhale. For the most part, a successful human life is lived by inhaling a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, with a few other gases for good measure, and exhaling carbon dioxide. All of this you probably already know. But what you probably don't know is that it's possible to live without breathing. I'm Sun Mcleod, and this is my story.