What's the ROI of Your Mom?

It was never my intention to stumble into the land of entrepreneurs with their buzzwords and business-speak and general parroting, but here I am, composing tweets for the likes of Cisco and local networking events. While hanging out with these business-minded people, I often get a glimpse into what they think about various marketing efforts, what they're good for, and how to do them. The thing that pops up again and again is "ROI," usually pronounced "Roy," which stands for Return On Investment. It makes sense to be mindful of the numbers that report on ROI. You don't want your efforts to be wasted. You put a dollar in, you should get at least a dollar and a penny out, or else you'll go bankrupt. But these people talk about it like it's an obsession. Like it's all a numbers game that they can win if they just put the right digits in the right order. It's the kind of single-minded dedication I've only seen in one other place: World of Warcraft.