Hello! My name is Steve Beaudry and I was the guy who decided it was a good idea to start The Green Asterisk. Here are a few things about that...

The Name

"The Green Asterisk" was a name I came up with a very long time ago when I was trying to think of what I should register as a web site. What I wanted from the name was the ability to apply it to whatever venture I ended up finding myself in. As we all know (right?) in computer programming, the asterisk is called to represent ALL files within a folder. And in writing it means "find this symbol again for more information about what I just said;" it points to something else as a reference and an opportunity to learn more. I found this to be the perfect way to represent where I was at the moment: Open to anything and everything, and ready to learn. Also, Green is my favorite color.


Don't ask me where I grew up; there are too many answers. And, no, it's not because I was in a military family. My dad traveled all around America in the hopes to gain support as a missionary to Spanish-speaking countries. The practical upshot of all of this travel was that I ended up making more friends online than off. From the very beginning of the trend that became social media, I was there, signing up, talking to people, learning what it was all about. It wasn't long until I realized I could actually make a living doing this for businesses. My very first paid social media gig was for my dad's startup, ParkGopher (he was a bit of a renaissance man). I had a lot of freedom in that position, but I learned a lot and took what I knew into my next position at GreenBar, a local web development startup. I ran accounts for countless more businesses and events since then, and I think I can cut through my imposter syndrome now for just long enough to say I know what I'm doing and I'm pretty dang good at it. I have run social media accounts for businesses as small as just one person to as huge and far-reaching as a global telecom/tech company, so I'm confident I can take on yours. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed look at my qualifications.

During this upbringing, I was also always told I had a good voice and had always been interested in acting, though I never thought I could ever really get into the whole physicality of it. I kind of assumed people thought my voice was good because they rarely heard it (I'm kind of a quiet person by nature), but once I figured out that they weren't, I picked up a microphone and started doing voice-over and voice acting! This has ended up being really enjoyable for me and it's my next big ambition.

The Company

In August 2018 I officially transformed The Green Asterisk from a freelance brand into an LLC with a fancy business plan and everything. The Green Asterisk's mission is to help businesses (small ones in particular) set up and run their social media as well as produce all kinds of online productions such as ebooks and podcasts. Below you'll see some links to our own social media handles. Follow them! You'll find social media tips for those who think they can do it on their own, and general updates on blog posts and company engagements. You might even find a stupid dad joke every now and then, who knows?? It's an exciting time for The Green Asterisk brand, and I want all of you to be a part of it!

Check us out on Facebook if you wanna book an appointment or chat directly to me about what I can do for you.