Hello! My name is Steve Beaudry and I was the guy who decided it was a good idea to start The Green Asterisk. Here are a few things about that...

The Name

"The Green Asterisk" was a name I came up with a very long time ago when I was trying to think of what I should register as a website. What I wanted from the name was the ability to apply it to whatever venture I ended up finding myself in. As we all know (right?) in computer coding, the asterisk is called to represent ALL files within a folder. And in writing it means "find this symbol again for more information about what I just said;" it points to something else as a reference and an opportunity to learn more. I found this to be the perfect way to represent where I was at the moment: Open to anything and everything, and ready to learn. Also, Green is my favorite color.


Don't ask me where I grew up; there are too many answers. And, no, it's not because I was in a military family. My dad traveled all around America in the hopes to gain support as a missionary to Spanish-speaking countries. The practical upshot of all of this travel was that I ended up making more friends online than off. From the very beginning of the trend that became social media, I was there, signing up, talking to people, learning what it was all about. It wasn't long until I realized I could actually make a living doing this for businesses. My very first paid social media gig was for my dad's startup, ParkGopher (he was a bit of a renaissance man). I had a lot of freedom in that position, but I learned a lot and took what I knew into my next position at GreenBar, a local web development startup. I ran accounts for countless more businesses and events since then, and I think I can cut through my imposter syndrome now for just long enough to say I know what I'm doing and I'm pretty dang good at it. I have run social media accounts for businesses as small as just one person to as huge and far-reaching as a global telecom/tech company.

During this upbringing, I was also always told I had a good voice and had always been interested in acting, though I never thought I could ever really get into the whole physicality of it. I kind of assumed people thought my voice was good because they rarely heard it (I'm kind of a quiet person by nature), but once I figured out that they weren't, I picked up a microphone and started doing voice-over and voice acting!

But my latest and greatest ambition is now to be a coder. As aligns with my interests in Dungeons and Dragons, my first real website is called Catharicosa Notes, a note-taking app for tabletop RPGs. I've got plans to expand on the Catharicosa brand to create more RPG tools, but for now, Notes is my focus along with my full-time job in the IT department.

What'll I be doing next? stick around to find out.