Darius Steam

Darius Steam

An artificer who has seen the world and wants to fix it

Not much is known about the history of Darius Steam until the point at which he joined the Collective Learned Institutes of Protection, and he would tell you that before then there wasn't much to know. He was a lad in his mid-twenties when Robert Kahn found him and recruited him to work at D.R.I.P. From the beginning he had a strong aptitude for mechanics and engineering. And with such skills, he was able to help Robert travel around the world and right several injustices.

Darius would tell a particular tale of when he and Robert went on a mission alone to Pleasure Beach and were confronted by an entire crew of pirates. These pirates had recently sunken a ship that was carrying supplies meant for an orphanage. No authorities had any jurisdiction over the part of the ocean that the pirates struck, and so they thought they had gotten away with it. But the Institute of Protection knew. And they would not let it stand. Darius devised a contraption that would project the image of a ghost onto the pirate's ship, and Robert used magic to teleport onto the deck of the ship disguised as an ancient wizard. In this guise, he warned the crew that the supplies they had taken were cursed and that they should deliver the supplies to their intended destination or else be cursed themselves. On cue, Darius activated his device and struck fear into the hearts of the pirates when they saw a "ghost" floating among their sails. The supplies were subsequently delivered only about a week late.

It wasn't long after that mission that Robert Kahn decided he was going to take a more supervisory role in C.L.I.P. and asked Darius to maintain the headquarters in Driftwood. Since then, Darius has kept D.R.I.P. in peak condition and kept crime in Driftwood at an all-time low. Not to mention making a bit of a profit off of artificer services.

Member Of:

The Collective Learned Institutes of Protection

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