The War of the Gods

The War of the Gods

When the gods recognized the potential of their creation, some wanted to protect them, some wanted to use them, and some wanted to destroy them.

In the beginning, the gods of old crafted the universe, each imbuing their creations with a unique essence. Orcus, the Demon Prince, craved the power of worship, and so he beguiled these creations into believing he was a god. Those who were deceived worshipped Orcus, and their fervent devotion elevated him to godhood.

With newfound divinity, Orcus twisted creation to his wicked designs, corrupting life with undeath. The other gods, enraged by his blasphemy, waged war against him. The heavens trembled as fire rained down, the earth cracked asunder, and mountains crumbled. Though unable to slay Orcus, the gods combined their might to cast him down to the mortal realm, entombing him beneath the mighty mountain of Dun'Haldur.

In this cataclysmic battle, Moradin, the All-Father, lost his right eye, rendering him unable to forge anew. Thus, the gods ceased their creative endeavors, out of respect for their fallen brother.

Moradin tasked his children, the dwarves, with guarding the gate that bound Orcus in hellfire. Vigilant and steadfast, the dwarves stand watch, lest the Demon Prince rise once more to corrupt the world.

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