The oldest, most beautiful, and most mysterious continent on Cronus

A popular vacation spot, Zefrisa is rumored to have been the first place on Cronus where life appeared. There are conflicting stories about the origin of intelligent life, but the most prominent one tells of the gods holding a contest to see who could make a creature that was as close to godhood as possible without being immortal.

The most iconic feature of Zefrisa is the volcano in the middle of the thick forest surrounding the ruins of Zerituul, Mt. Naxxus, which was named after the world's first wizard who had ambitions of becoming a lich. The volcano was formed around his hideout.

Zefrisa is also home to the pirate town of Pleasure Beach. Once called Eldoria, the town's name slowly evolved after it was taken over by pirates who claimed it as a safe haven and removed the previous government. The town is now mostly anarchic but the Pirate Lord, Captain Whisperwind, plays an administrative role in assuring things in Pleasure Beach run smoothly.

On Zefriza's northwest are the Cracked Coast and the Chaos Vortex. The Chaos Vortex was said to have been caused by the fall of Cthulhu crashing into the ocean. Most believe that the Cracked Coast was created by Cthulhu's flailing tentacles smashing the northwestern beaches into smaller islands.

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