The Collective Learned Institutes of Protection

The Collective Learned Institutes of Protection

C.L.I.P. is a world-wide organization of vigilantes dedicated to the taking care of the threats everyone else ignores

The Collective Learned Institutes of Protection are a collection of 12 organizations situated around Cronus dedicated to the recruitment of exceptional individuals from all walks of life in the pursuit of protecting the world from exceptional threats. C.L.I.P. was the brainchild of Robert Kahn who had the vision of using them to clandestinely take care of the threats that were ignored by local law enforcement or royal armies. Sometimes this meant assassinating powerful extra-dimensional or extra-planar beings, sometimes this meant attacking goblins that ambush travelers outside of town.

Most people don't know about C.L.I.P., although they may hear rumors or conspiracy theories about it. The various headquarters around Cronus are designed to blend into their surroundings. For example, while the Driftwood Regional Institute of Protection is designed to look like a normal artificer's shop in a city where artificers thrive, the Septentrio Institute of Protection is hidden behind a frozen waterfall in the arctic wasteland. The 12 institutes are as follows:

1. Driftwood Regional Institute of Protection

2. Septentrio Institute of Protection

3. Aridicus Institute of Protection

4. Southern Nethrandil Institute of Protection

5. Zephrisa Institute of Protection

6. Undead and Necromantic Zone Institute of Protection

7. The Brandywine Institute of Oceanic Protection

8. Sentherio Harbor Institute of Protection

9. Western Institute of Protection (work in progress)

10. Darrington Institute of Protection (Islands)

11. Celedorian Regional Institute of Protection

12. Righteous Institute of Protection

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