The Astricast

I'm Steve Beaudry and this is the podcast where I comb through the very specific areas of knowledge that I've acquired over the years and break them down into short segments for your amusement. Such as it is. In this podcast I'll tell you what I know about random topics. Sometimes I might not know everything about a topic, and sometimes what I know will be wrong. If you know more or better than I do, reach out to the LordSteve or The Green Asterisk handles on any social media platform and use the hashtag #Astricast. Corrections and expansions will be featured in later episodes.

Voice-Over Booking

If you've listened to my voice and think you need more of it in your life, check out my samples and book me with the button below. I'm available for podcast production, editing, or appearance, as well as voice-over acting for any audio or video production you have going on.