Social Media Management

Purveyor of finely crafted, bespoke, organic, artisan tweets.

As a discerning user of the Internet, you know how important it is to present yourself professionally and intelligently on social media. On the other hand, it can be difficult running your business and keeping up with tweets at the same time, and hiring a full time social media manager could cost your business $4,000 or more a month.

My name is Steve Beaudry and I make it my business to represent your business online. I specialize in helping people maintain a vital presence online by producing organic, original content and sharing relevant curated content from across the Internet while growing and engaging with your fan base.

Take a look at my menu below and then book me or message me on Facebook to get started!

"Steve is one of those rare people that brands and companies should study on how to do social media content." - Amber Osborne, CMO of Doghead Simulations & Forbes #2 Most Social CMO"Steve is, hands-down, the most knowledgable social media expert I've ever worked with. He's able to rapidly switch from one brand to next, perfectly delivering their brand voice in every digital interaction. And, to beat all that, he's super responsive. Social media clients always thought I had some kind of advanced robot AI handling their accounts but, no, it was Steve." - Gregg Hilferding, Owner of GreenBar"Steve brought my company's social experience to a whole new level. He helped provide consistent and valuable content that helped my company attract new clients and really engage with the community. It was such an awesome experience and I have worked with him on multiple occasions. I highly recommend Steve at the Green Asterisk!" Syl Christensen Owner & CEO, Syl Christensen, LLC"Steve has an amazing grasp on social media and blog content. It takes a certain wit and style to manage both of those marketing channels. Highly recommend!" - JR Griggs, President of Red Wall Marketing"Steve was born to be a Social Media Manager, despite being born long before social media was so deeply integrated into our lives and businesses. I've known him for a long time, and ever since social media became a thing, he always went beyond just using it — he seemed to know everything about every platform in a weird superuser kind of way. If there was a new service out, he was already using it. His writing and grammar also have always been top notch, and I'm an extremely picky judge of both. So if you have the chance to snatch Steve up, do it! Give yourself some valuable peace of mind by putting your social media in the hands of someone who lives and breathes it." - Rebekah Blackmon, Senior Full-Stack Developer at Movéo

Social Media Menu

The below PayPal buttons will allow you to jump right in with a monthly subscription to whichever plan you choose or a direct payment for your selected service. (Click here for more about that.) After you subscribe I will contact you for more details. If you prefer to be sent a monthly invoice, please book a time to meet with or call me through my Facebook page.


Up to 5 original posts per day

24/7 Engagement with account mentions


Everything in gamma

Social image creation and sharing including profile photos, cover photos, memes, and promotion graphics

24/7 Monitoring and engaging with specified and relevant hashtags and keywords


Everything in gamma and beta

2-4 blog posts per month plus blog maintenance

Bi-weekly analytics reporting


Let me take the reins of your social profiles and engage with your audience during your event, making you available to attend to everything else.

(min. 3 hours)


Take a moment of my time and we can chat about what you can do to upgrade your social media presence. Or call on me to do any other miscellaneous social media related task (such as copywriting or editing, for example) at an hourly rate.


Give me access to your social media accounts, a half-hour meeting to discuss your goals and current strategy, and about a week to prepare and look over what you've got and I'll pump out a comprehensive audit in PDF format with strategy suggestions that will boost your engagement and bring all your numbers up.

*Friends, family and non-profits will be considered for a deep discount. Please contact me for more information.

Do you like the stuff in the bundles but want to unbundle them? Contact me for a custom plan that mixes and matches services to your preference.