Social Media Management

Purveyor of finely crafted, bespoke, artisan tweets.

As a discerning user of the Internet, you know how important it is to present yourself professionally and intelligently on social media. On the other hand, it can be difficult running your business and keeping up with tweets at the same time, and hiring a full time social media manager could cost your business $4,000 or more a month.

My name is Steve Beaudry and I make it my business to represent your business online. I specialize in helping startups and entrepreneurs maintain a vital presence online while they set about the hard work of setting up and running their business. Take a look at my menu and then Contact me to get started.

Social Media Menu

Any of the following plans may be customized to fit your particular organization's needs.


Up to 5 original posts per day

24/7 Engagement with account mentions

$600 per month/per account*


Everything in alpha

Social image creation and sharing including profile photos, cover photos, memes, and promotion graphics

24/7 Monitoring and engaging with specified and relevant hashtags and keywords

$900 per month/per account*


Everything in alpha and beta

2-4 blog posts per month plus blog maintenance

Bi-weekly analytics reporting

$1200 per month/per account*


Let me take the reins of your social profiles and engage with your audience during your event, making you available to attend to everything else.


(min. 3 hours)


Take a moment of my time and we can chat about what you can do to upgrade your social media presence.


*For startups and small businesses, Your second account and all following are half off. I specialize in Twitter, but am also proficient in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+; or wherever your brand wants to be. Friends, family and non-profits will be considered for a deep discount. Contact me for more information.